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TERM DATES 2018/2019

                          Term 1                                                                                             

                          Wednesday 25July 2018– Friday 5 October 2018               

                          Term 2                                                                                               

                          Tuesday 16 October 2018 – Friday 14th                                 

                          December 2018

                          Term 3

                        Tuesday 8th January 2019 – Friday 22nd March 2019

                          Term 4

                        Tuesday 2nd April 2019  - Wednesday 29 May 2019

                          Total Days 183


                  Parents  are  required  to  give  complete  student  and  family  information  as  requested  in  the  enrolment

                  Application.  The documents must be complete and signed before the child can attend school. The documents include

                  ·  Enrolment document.

                  ·  Health and medical information.

                  ·  Media consent form.

                  ·  Student Pick up card


If  you  change  your  address/phone  number  or  family  circumstances,  

please  inform  the  school  in writing (email is suitable) immediately; prompt receipt of accurate information

ensures your family receives all vital information from the school on time.


Please contact the Primary School Office when:

• Your child is/will be sick absent or late (see Attendance Policy)

• If you have any queries or concerns (your query will be directed to the relevant staff member) -  If  you are unsure of anything please don’t hesitate to contact us.   Your first person to ask regarding teaching, learning and pastoral matters should be your child’s homeroom Teacher


The School communicates in a variety of ways. Please make sure that you:

● Have  joined  Class  Dojo?  –  The  Teachers  will  communicate  with  you  via  this helpful and dynamic application.   You will receive an invitation to join, Just download the application and enter the code.

● Make  sure  your  email  address  is  current  as  you  will  receive  important information from school via class dojo and email.

● Have the contact information for the school saved in your phone.


Transportation services are available to and from specific locations. If you wish to utilise this service please contact Ms Henny our transport officer to give you the transport registration form and to check if your area is covered.  You can email her on


Each homeroom Teacher will set up a “Class Dojo” to communicate with Parents.  This is an excellent way to keep in touch with the Teacher. The Teacher can share photos with you and keep you notified of learning, homework, events and any necessary details.   Please ensure you use this app.   You will receive a letter with the details early in the new school year.    The Principal will also share information via class dojo.  You can also privately message the Teachers and Principal. Some Teachers also use the behaviour management tool on class dojo which rewards students with points for specified reasons.

             Student Diary/Communication Book

Direct communication between you and your child’s Teacher

      Student Portfolios

A record of your child’s work will be shared each semester.

       Semester Reports

A summative report on your child’s progress is sent home at the end of each semester.

      Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences are held at the end of Term 1, 2, and 4

      Student Led Conferences

Student Led Conferences are held at the end of the Term 3.

      Parent Lighthouse Team

Parents are invited to meet with the Principals at the regular Parent Light House team meetings.  These will be announced on Class Dojo.  They are held in the school library. Meetings with Teachers

Parents are welcome at any point in the school year to schedule a meeting with their child’s Teachers.

Be sure to set an appointment with the Teacher directly or through the class dojo.

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