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Parent Testimonials

Parent of Fiona, Jada & Jared

"A Strong Foundation For Life"

"RPA is a great international school. The IPC curriculum is fun and engaging and the teachers are passionate and creative. I like RPA’s commitment to develop young children with strong character. In the coming years, I would like my children to fully demonstrate strong character and academic skills which they use in their future lives.

One of areas that my children learn is knowing the world they live in through IPC topics they studied in the class. All of the topics are engaging and it teaches students geography, history, society and technology. They enjoy different stimulating activities in the class.

I believe the IPC personal goals is a good start. Goals such as respect, enquiry and communication are very important in this world. I feel my children are demonstrating many of those goals at home and at school.

This is what I like about RPA, first of all, I appreciate the teachers and the activities they do in the class. They are creative and engaging. Second, I like the IPC curriculum because their topics are timely, relevant and interesting to both parents and students.

RPA teachers are highly creative, enthusiastic, and passionate with what they do. They are knowledgeable in their subject areas know latest trend in education and most of all they have a heart to students especially those who are struggling, new, and low English.

Yes, 100% RPA is a great place to learn. It is not just academics but a wholechild. My children really enjoy coming to school. RPA has very good enrichment program, especially for music. Good job to all teachers.”

Parent of Maika

"Where Learning Becomes Fun For Her"

“Maika joined RTA for 3 years and I am pleased with the progress that Maika has been showing. Her progress is not only in terms of knowledge like language, mathematics, and the others, but also in her manner and behavior.

Maika has been learning so much from the school. She learns languages (English, Mandarin and Indonesian), Mathematics, Science, Music, Sports, and others. The performances held at school play important part to increase her confidence. Maika loves the learning process in the RPA.

From the lessons, although there are so many details learned, they are so easy to be accepted by the children. In terms of characteristic, the school teaches about how to que, having a courtesy, confidence and always do not give up when facing a problem.

What I like about RPA is that the school is not too big, so it is easy to get

familiar with the staff, teachers and other parents. The IPC curriculum used is suitable for Maika where learning becomes fun for her. It is a balance between knowledge and manner ( behavior ) taught.

The teachers in RPA are great! Every morning there are teachers and principal who welcome the students, which is a good thing! All teachers are reachable and they know their students. They’re all so passionate with teaching.

Yes ! I would recommend RPA to my families and friends, because I see great improvement from Maika and she enjoys her learning process at school.”

Parents of Archita

"Enormous Personality Growth"

“We are so happy and thankful to Royal Primary Academy. We have seen enormous growth in Archita’s personality.  Thanks to all teachers for efforts you have put in to build such a good personalities of her. You guys are unbelievable. The way you understand kids for encourage them to learn. Big thank you to you all of you. Keep great work going!!!”

Parents of Aryan

"Developing Life-Long Learners"

Selection of a school for your kids is the most difficult decision every parent has to make. School is the place which strengthens your believe that your kids are in safe hand in all aspects.

Unlike other schools, where there is a potential for being ostracized or bullied, the RPA provides an environment that fosters student acceptance. While there are obvious differences, each student is encouraged to recognize and respect one another. This makes RPA a wonderful place for a complete education.

RPA fosters a proactive approach to develop life-long learners by promoting encouragement rather than criticism, lauding children for their creative ideas, while respectfully guiding them through rough areas until they succeed. The atmosphere at RPA is one of creativity and growth. RPA enrolls a small group of

pupils in each class where teachers are able to teach each child with their individual learning style in mind; it is a foundation for a great future of learning.

RPA uses the IPC as a baseline, but then provides whatever program is needed for each child’s growth, whether it is written into the IPC or not. The learning pillars of RPA comprises of Application of academic knowledge and skills, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, communication, creativity, Innovation and Global awareness.

Aryan has been with RPA since last three years and also since its inception. RPA has helped Aryan to motivate himself to be best he can be- academically, athletically and in terms of helping and caring about others. RPA magically keeps the children engaged by making the curriculum about projects. The work continues over days, some time weeks and every night Aryan enthusiastically relates the progress the class has made towards its goal. It’s thrilling to hear how their ideas evolve and become reality. Aryan has been recognized for his abilities and talents in a warm and nurturing environment.

“We appreciate the caring nature of the teachers, principal and all of the staff at RPA. It makes us feel great knowing we are dropping our son off at a great place that genuinely cares about his learning and growth.”

Parent of Zainab

"Children Are Encouraged To Give Life To Their Own Ideas"

I was referred to this international school by a friend, but decided to enroll my child after my first meeting with the principal. I was very impressed with the ideas and energy and looked forward to having the same enthusiasm in my child as well.

My daughter really enjoys coming to school. Every day she learns something new. Her grades have improved due the the encouragement and attention given by the teachers. The teachers teach them in a very simple and creative way.

After the enrollment, I expected her to learn in a way that can encourage her to compete with any international school. By far I am very satisfied with her progress.

This is what I like about RPA,  children are encouraged to give life to their own ideas. They are taught to compete with each other with sportsman spirit. Teamwork is encouraged. The teachers really emphasize on discipline. The teachers are very polite, yet very strict for their rules and discipline. In the morning, all of them are in the lobby greeting kids with friendly smiles which gives a very fresh start to the day.

I will definitely recommend RPA to other parents because for me, quality matters, not quantity. The quality of education in RPA is no less than any other International school. Secondly, I also prefer this school because of security. As the school less kids, all the teachers know them and its easy to keep an eye on them.


Parent of Akhil

"The Quality of Education Is Awesome"

To be honest before my son joined Royal Academy, I didn’t know much about this school. I was referred to RPA by the mom of a student in grade 2, who helped me to understand what the fuss was about. But now I feel proud that my decision to enroll my son in RPA was correct. I see lot of changes in my son’s growth and development.

He learns many things apart from academic learning, he enjoys Arts, Maths, IPC and field trips, he also enjoys his enrichment classes after school like

swimming, computer class and I hope he learns and develops even more in the future.

When my son Akhil joined RPA in Primary 1, he was not confident when he spoke. It’s been almost 6 months now since my son is in this school. Now he is very confident in talking and doing things. This was my expectation and because of the  teachers in the school, now he is able to speak with a good vocabulary.

‘All the credit goes to his teachers, principal, and all the staff who are always very cooperative.

In RPA, the quality of education is awesome, and kids learn good manners and punctuality. Kids love to go to school because of the environment at school.

The teachers are really wonderful. They make the kids feel right at home in school. My son loves his teachers a lot. And the teachers are very understanding and they have lots of patience to understand every child. Words are really not enough to write about Akhil’s teachers, especially Ms Tiara and Ms Ria, he loves them.

I always recommend Royal Academy to my friends and family because I trust in this school. It is the best school international school in Jakarta!

Parents of Tanush

"Commitment Towards Providing Quality Education"

Being an expat family we always wanted Tanush to grow up and study in an international school. We got information about RPA and when we visited RPA, we were impressed with the commitment and dedication of the principal and other RPA staff members. We had a session where the principal briefed us about the goals and objectives of RPA, which impressed us.

Tanush has learned decent English and uses it as a primary communication language. He speaks grammatically correct English. He has also learned good Math as per our expectation. He also enjoys going to school and never

complains about the school which shows he is enjoying the school. We hope our son will learn with good English and basic Math in a most scientific way. We wanted him to use English as his daily communication language.

So far so good, as this is Tanush’s 3rd term in RPA, we can surely say RPA has met our expectation. There is a considerable improvement in his English and Math. But we also want him to improve his English reading skills.

RPA's infrastructure is very good. We like RPA’s commitment towards providing quality education and its openness in communicating and accepting parents’ input for any improvement. Also parents get upfront information on any events and matters which will help parents to plan in advance. Most importantly, the teachers who educate our kids are knowledgeable and always willing to help.

RPA teachers are very helpful and have good knowledge on the subject they teach. They take additional responsibility to shape our child’s future. They have volunteered to teach Tanush basic things by taking extra classes. We are seeing lot of improvement in Tanush’s behavior in a positive way and his English has improved  a lot. He is also good in Math which I can always say is due to the effort of his teachers. I have seen Tanush’s teachers taking extra effort in shaping him. Thanks for their effort.

We will definitely recommend RPA to our circle of friends. We are happy with the quality of education RPA provides, we are happy with the way Tanush is shaping up. We want other kids to reap the benefits which RPA provides.

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