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The foundation of the Regality Academy Primary curriculum is the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). The IPC is a transdisciplinary program that includes learning targets and activities from various subjects which centre around a theme.  Our implementation of the IPC ensures that the IPC units taught are relevant to today’s world and link to the Indonesian National Curriculum, to benefit our students who will continue their studies in Indonesia. In our homeroom classes, our students focus on various aspects of the IPC units, including subjects such as History, International Studies, Geography, and Science. Often times English, Bahasa and Mathematics are linked to their IPC units, however, we also have dedicated specific English lessons daily following the National Curriculum for England and for Mathematics we follow the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum. This gives our learners a very strong academic base to draw upon during their IPC lessons. "Academics and creativity in action".


Our students also attend specialist classes, where they are taught by teachers who specialize in specific areas of learning. Each week our students have classes in Bahasa Indonesia and Indonesian Studies, Physical Education (PE), Art, Mandarin, Music, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Library.  We also implement The Leader In Me, which aims to develop leadership skills in our students.  Specific TLIM lessons are taught in homeroom classes, but opportunities to practice leadership skills are integrated throughout our school program. 


Our approach to education is to develop students who not only have strong academics but can also apply their knowledge skills and understandings in authentic contexts. We endeavor to develop the whole child. We believe in our vision; "To empower an internationally minded learning community that unleashes leadership potential, embraces timeless principles, and promotes academic excellence to fact challenges in a rapidly changing world".

- Great Learning Happens here -

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