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Enrichment Activities

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 14h45 until 15h45, Regality Academy organizes various educative and stimulating extra-curricular enrichment activities. Music enrichment may also be organized on Monday and Friday and at different hours. Some activities, such as Swimming and Music enrichment activities are continuously being organized. Most other activities take place less frequently. We aim to provide a varied program that offers something for everyone. Below are a few examples of enrichment activities that have been organized over the years.

Arts & Craft

Each term we organize at least two enrichment activities centered around Arts & Craft, one for the lower grades and one for the upper grades. Sometimes the enrichment activities have special themes, such as Portrait Painting, Knitting, Toys From Trash, Jackson Pollock Action Painting, Watercolour Art and so much more.


Basketball is an activity that is frequently being organized. After all, basketball is one of Mr. Marcelino, our PE-teacher, his favourite sports. The focus during this activity is not just on technique, but also on teamwork. After weeks of preparation, our RPA basketball team is now getting ready to participate in an inter-school competition for the first time. The students can't wait to go out there and show their skills.

Board Games

During this activity students were introduced to various board games over the course of the term. Besides being a fun and relaxing way to end the school day, it also enhanced their strategic thinking. This activity also taps into the students' creative side. For example, when the students get the opportunity to create their own board game with its own set of rules.

Character Development

This is an enrichment activity which was othen organized by our founder, Ms Indri Gautama. Her aim was, on the one hand, to teach our students correct etiquette and rules of conduct in social situations and, on the other hand, to further instill the students with the 7 habits of leadership. The students were put realistic situations, such as a fancy dinner or a visit to the supermarket, and taught how to navigate these social happenings in a courteous manner.


Chess enrichment has been organized for both beginners and advanced players. Besides learning the rules in an interactive way, students are also taught to think various steps ahead, to lay traps for their opponents, a series of opening moves, how to balance risks vs rewards. Usually after a chess enrichment activity, a tournament is organized for upper or lower grades. Checkmate!


Under the professional guidance of conductor and vocal coach Mr. Mario Sipayung, the RPA school choir has established itself as a force to be reckoned with during inter-school competitions. Being able to sing solo is one thing, but singing while at the same time listening to the other singers around you requires a whole different skill set. Choir enrichment focuses on singing in tune with other singers in order to make enchanting multi-melody harmonies. Who's in?


For many students drumming is a great way to channel their excessive energy into a positive activity. Drumming is of course so much more than mindlessly hitting the snare drum and the cymbals. It is a rhythmic and simultaneous cooperation of three individual body part and requires great focus and composure. This enrichment activity is continuously offered at RPA.


Guitar is also a popular enrichment activity at RPA. The youngest students use special guitars that are tailored to their hands, while the older students use the standard guitars. The more advanced students get to try out their skills in a true school band together with other musicians.

Master Chef

Many aspiring master chefs have experienced first-hand that cooking is a skill, or an art, that can take years to develop and is even harder to master. Cooking for a crowd requires rigorous planning and preparation, exact timing, multi-tasking, creativity, the ability to inspire a team, to delegate tasks,  to reflect on your creation and come to meaningful conclusions regarding your next cooking adventure. Bon Appetit!


Piano is also offered on a continuous basis and taught by professional pianist Ms Jessica. Just like for other enrichment activities, our pianists will perform solo for an audience at a special music assembly organized at the end of a term to showcase the progress of the students and to build their confidence through success experiences.


In soccer enrichment students quickly learn that soccer is not just about shooting the ball towards a goal with power and precision, but about teamwork, vision, positioning, running patterns, movement off the ball and the physical condition required to execute the game plan. This enrichment usually spans accross multiple terms in which a soccer team is formed which then competes against teams from other schools.


Swimming is hands down the most popular enrichment activity at RPA, which is why it's being organized three times a week for different skill groups (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Students who do not choose swimming as an enrichment can also enjoy this activity during the regular PE-courses, several weeks per year. We also have a RPA Swim Team that participates at events in and around Jakarta and often comes back home with  'truckload' of medals.


During this enrichment activity the students practice individually with vocal coach Mr Mario Sipajung. Each time again, it's amazing to see how timid boys and girls transform over the course of months into confident performers. Our vocal students also get multiple opportunities to perform on stage at outer school events. One of our students even made it to The Voice Kids Indonesia!


During this enrichment activity, the students learn how to build their own website, under the guidance of Mr Stefaan, who also designed the school website. While the students learn how to use a WYSIWYG-editor, they also learn the basics of design and lay-out and how to optimize their website for a seamless user experience. Since most websites are built to support businesses, we also approach it from that angle.


During this enrichment activity, students will learn how to build a robot. The main objective of this activity is to train about the robotic basic knowledge and also in electro technic study to understand the entire working system in a single robot. 

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Enrichment Overview

Below you'll find a comprehensive overview of all the enrichment activities that have take place in the past at Regality Academy.

Advanced ICT
Art Masterpieces (Bethany)
Arts & Craft
Bahasa Indonesia Drama
Basic French
Board Games
Book Club
Cartoon Character Drawing
Character Development
Chess Club
Collage Art
Computer Club
Creating an E-book
Creative Writing

Dance With Me




Fun With Computer


Green Up


Hindi Studies

International Games

Jackson Pollock Action Painting


Mandarin Songs & Dance
Manga Art drawing
Minecraft Club
Modern Dance

Number Crunchers

Origami Art

Photo Editing


Portrair Drawing

Print Making

Problem Solving

Science Club

Soccer FC (Junior/Senior)

Speech & Drama

Stop Motion Animation


Toys From Trash (Arvind Gupta)

Traditional Dance

Video Production


Watercolour Art


Young Master Chef

Current Schedule

Current Schedule

Below you'll find the enrichment schedule for term 4 (2016-2017). Individual music enrichment schedules will be distributed to the participants at the beginning of term 4.

Tuesday 14h45-15h45


Mandarin Beginner (Reading, Writing, Speaking) P1-3

Art Masterpieces P1-2

Basketball P1-3

Computer Club P3-6

Portrait Drawing P3-6

School Choir

Wednesday 14h45-15h45


Fun With Math P1-3

Art: Origami P1-2

Science Club P1-2

Volleyball P4-6

Web design P3-6

Thursday 14h45-15h45

Mandarin Beginner (Reading, Writing, Speaking) P1-3

Board Games P1-3

Computer Club P1-2

Math Problem Solving P4-5

RPA Basketball Team

Request Form

Request Form

Is there a specific skill you would like your child to learn? Do you have a great idea for an enrichment activity? Would you like to organize an enrichment activity yourself? Please let us know by completing the form below.

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