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Meet Our Teachers 

To promote excellence at Regality Academy, we recruit only the very best practitioners who have a passion for their subject and the skills and talent to make a contribution to the life at school. Our teaching staff are highly qualified, professional, committed and dedicated. All our teachers have either a Bachelor or/and Master Degree in Education as we are an SPK accredited school (a school meets the requirements to deliver an International Curriculum and to employ expatriate teachers). As a school we invest in the professional development of our staff to ensure we remain at the very forefront of the latest developments in education.



P1 Teacher

We are delighted to welcome back Ms Uziel Sakar as our teacher for Primary 1 students   Ms Uziel has been an educator for almost 21 years and she has spent half of that time in different countries.  She is from the Philippines and for the last 12 years she has worked and lived in Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia, DR Congo and here in Indonesia.  

With a Bachelor's degree in Literature and she is on her way to finishing her Master's degree in Special Education, Uziel has pursued a career in Education. She has been working as a teacher trainer, inclusive education specialist, homeroom teacher, university lecturer, and ESL teacher.


Before she ventured out into international teaching, Uziel was an ESL teacher for Korean students of different age levels and a university lecturer at a State University in the Philippines. These experiences have sharpened her teaching skills and have equipped her for further work in education.


Uziel worked in Ethiopia as an In-service Teacher Trainer and Inclusive Education Adviser at a College of Teacher Education. She worked closely with the primary teachers, mentoring and training them as part of their CPD as well as introducing them to the idea and strategies of practising inclusive education. The experience with primary teachers has developed in her a love for teaching primary students. 


After finishing her contract in Ethiopia, she got a teaching job in Khartoum, Sudan as a P1 teacher at Unity High School, an international school following the British and Cambridge Curriculum.  She worked there for three years.  Uziel moved to Zambia to join her husband where she worked as a teacher of English and Literature at Banani International School - a boarding school for girls following the Cambridge Curriculum. During her time there, she successfully helped in raising the IGCSE results of their students in English (First Language) and Literature to a 95-100% passing score. After five years of being a classroom teacher, Uziel got back to development work and once again accepted an offer at a College of Teacher Education in Ethiopia as an Inclusive Education Specialist.  Thereafter, when she finished her contract in 2019, Ms Uziel joined Regality Academy as a P1 teacher.  When the pandemic hit she worked online with the students during COVID.  In 2020 - 2021 Ms Uziel followed her class up to P2 and taught them as their P2 teacher online.  As COVID was still prevalent Ms Uziel finished working at RGA  in June 2021, as she was in Kinshasha DRC with her husband and the time zones were difficult for online teaching.  In November 2022 we were delighted to welcome Ms Uziel back as P1 teacher.  She is excited to be working at Regality Academy once again.

MR EKO P1.jpg

National Primary 1 Teacher

Mr. Eko was born in Depok and spent his childhood and teenage years there. After he got married he moved to BSD, Tangerang. He graduated from the University of Indraprasta, Jakarta with a Bachelor's degree in English and Education.  In the past, he has worked for 5 years at the British International School and 7 years at Mentari School Jakarta. 2020 - 2021 will be his 7th year teaching at Regality Academy. When he is not teaching, Eko loves to spend time with his family, engage in sports activities, write songs on his guitar and collect records.  Mr Eko believes in making learning fun, and engaging the students actively in their learning.

Maricar Valiente.jpg

International Primary 2 Teacher

Maricar Valiente was born and raised in the Philippines. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education in Philippine Normal University and has earned units in Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education in the same school. She has been in the teaching profession for 18 years.  She taught preschool and elementary students. She was also a grade level head for 4 years. She regularly attends seminars and workshops for professional growth to be updated in the education field.



Teaching is her passion. It is one of her greatest joys. Children’s sweet nature, kindness and innocence keep her in this profession. She enjoys talking, dancing and singing with her students.


She believes that as a teacher it is her responsibility to teach the children not only academics but also the right values and the right perspective in life to be globally equipped and to be the best members of our society. Every academic year is a challenging one, and she makes sure to give her best to meet her students’ needs. She prepares lessons and activities that boosts her students’ motivation and participation.


In her free time, she likes to paint, read, exercise, or watch good movies. During long holidays, she likes to travel and visit beaches with her family and friends.


Maricar is looking forward to making great contributions in Regality Academy family.

Venny Yulianti.jpg

National Primary 2 Teacher

Venny was born in South Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from Pelita Harapan University and graduated in 2012 after studying for a double degree; Bachelor of Education from Pelita Harapan University and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Corban College.  Ms Venny has been working at Regality Academy since 2019.

Adam Batten.jpg

International Primary 3 Teacher

Mr Adam originates from South London, but after high school he moved to Bournemouth on the south coast of England to be that bit closer to the sea. Following this trend he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice at Plymouth University in the south west of England. After graduating with a BSc honours degree in 2004, Adam spent a few years working in the French Alps as a chef and chalet host and combined this with restaurant work in the Greek islands in the off-season.
Adam moved to Jakarta, Indonesia in 2007, after gaining his PGCE teaching qualification from Nottingham University, (where an initial plan was to teach and travel around the world ) he was scuppered by a love for the endless Indonesian islands and the friendly nature of the Indonesian people. After a few years teaching at an ESL school in Jakarta, in 2009 Adam moved to an international school in Jakarta where he stayed for 10 years and during this period taught a range of different ages and also led the Primary English Department. In 2019, Adam completed his Master’s in Education, where he gained a merit, from Nottingham University. 
Adam loves travelling the Indonesian archipelago in the search for the perfect 'insta' shot and a piece of private paradise. Despite his main passion being for football, Adam also enjoys swimming and competing in triathlons when the opportunity arises. 


National Primary 3 Teacher

Mr Stefanus ("Wawan") was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from Pelita Harapan University in 2011 after studying a double degree; in Bachelor of Education from Pelita Harapan University and Bachelor of Science in Education from Corban College.   Mr Warwan has been trained to teach both the IB Curriculum and the Indonesian National Curriculum. Since graduating, he has had the opportunity to teach the upper grades in a national plus school in Makassar for five years. After that he taught for one year at Lippo Village, Karawaci using an integrated curriculum – both IB and national curriculum.

Wawan always wants to improve himself by learning new skills that support him as a teacher. He studied graphology, mentored by Valencia Penny Dip. CSG and got his certificate from Grafindo Prima Utama in 2017.  He is currently completing his Masters degree. In his spare time, Wawan enjoys reading, going to the cinema, swimming, and travelling. He loves to visit beaches and spend time on the sea where he can really feel exposed to the elements and at one with nature.

Jenny Fe.jpg

International Primary 4 Teacher

The P4 International Homeroom Teacher is Ms. Jenny Fe P. Arnaiz. She has a bachelors degree in Education and is a licensed teacher. Prior to coming to Indonesia for 12 years Jenny worked as an Elementary teacher in International British Curriculum Schools in Sudan. She has also held positions of responsibility; Phase Leader and Curriculum Development Leader. Jenny plans and prepares educational activities and lessons that engages her students to learn. She uses different methods and means of presenting information in her lessons to ensure a positive and fun learning atmosphere for her students. She has developed a heartfelt love for teaching and believes that with innovative teaching, She makes a meaningful contribution to the students' lives. As a teacher, she is challenged to think strategically and it has developed her patience, sense of responsibility, and perseverance.

Jenny Fe believes that teaching, though as demanding as it can be, is a rewarding career. Teaching is her passion so during her free time, she volunteered to work with the Franciscan Missionaries and taught children for free in the outskirts of Khartoum but it ended right after the independence of South Sudan. She touched many lives when in Sudan as she taught not only at school but as a private teacher. Jenny became a friend and a mother for some children who lost their Mothers at a very early age.

Jenny is delighted to be a teacher at Regality Academy and 2023 2024 will be the 6th class she has taught here. This school has a wonderful atmosphere and the children are so keen to learn.

Dwi Asti Faradillah [Assistant P1]

Teacher Assistant

Ms Dwi is a teacher and learning assistant in P1 and P2 depending on where the need arises.  She lives in Bogor and is a keen and talented artist.  Ms Dwi loves to help the children with their learning and is currently studying towards her Bachelor of Education.

Emma Carpenter.jpg.jpg

International Primary 5 Teacher

Emma was born and raised in the vibrant and diverse city of Bristol, England. She moved to Brighton to complete her undergraduate degree in Fine Art: Painting. After graduating, Emma spent a year developing students’ conversational English skills in a large, inner-city school in Barcelona, Spain. The experience proved a formative one, and it was during this time that she decided to pursue a career in education. 
On returning to England, Emma spent several years working in special schools where she gained a Diploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (16-19 years old) and completed a Master’s in Inclusion and Special Educational Needs. Her elected specialisms in autism and dyslexia have broadened her teaching expertise and cemented her inclusive approach to education where she loves to teach the whole student – their cognitive, emotional, and social selves.  As part of her Master’s, Emma has earned the British Dyslexia Association's AMBDA accreditation in diagnostic assessment, and intervention/ specialist teaching with learners with literacy difficulties/ specific learning difficulties. 
These experiences reinforced how primary education sets the foundations for all future learning and are what led her to subsequently gain a Primary and Early Years (5-11) PGCE with English specialism. She has since worked in mainstream settings in upper Key Stage 2, in primary years 5-6. 
Every day, Emma says she feels lucky to work with young people in a vibrant, ever-changing environment where she can use her experience, skills, and creativity to help shape children’s lives. This is Ms Emma joined Regality Academy in 2020 and teaches in a primary 5 teacher.  She is enjoying immersing herself in the culture of Indonesia.


National Primary 5 Teacher

Mrs. Poppy is from a small cold town near Malang, East Java, Indonesia. She completed a BA degree in Architectural Engineering from Merdeka University, Malang, in 1999. She was a site engineer for a housing development company in Malang before moving to teaching. Her love for teaching started while she was working as a private mathematics tutor in her spare time. After teaching for 7 years in various National Plus schools that implemented international curricula (Singaporean Curriculum and PYP – IB Curriculum), she studied for her educational master's degree in 2010 and obtained the Master's degree of Instructional Design at Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta, in 2012.

This is her 8th year teaching at RGA. She has taught in P3, in P5 for 6 years, and in P6 for 1 year. In P6 she successfully prepared the national students for the Standardized National Examinations.  When Poppy's not teaching, she loves to watch Korean movies, read novels, be a cultural brewer (kefir milk and kombucha), and a soap artisan. She runs a small business and is always excited to learn something new.

Ms. Poppy is an enthusiastic environmentalist and leads our trash bank, gardening, and compositing initiatives.

Ian Gibson.jpg

International Primary 6 Teacher

Ian was born in a small rural community in New Zealand.  After leaving school he initially studied Farm Business Management and became the operator and Director of a dairy farming company.  During this time, he also participated in a variety of outdoor pursuits and became a Tutor for caving, rock climbing, and survival skills after becoming qualified in Outdoor Instruction. He tutored both school students and adults.  Ian also trained as an ambulance officer. Rugby coaching to a high level was another successful pursuit. 
Ian realised that working with students was an area that would contribute the most to society and subsequently gained a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Since then he has taught in New Zealand, Unity High School; a British International School in Khartoum, Sudan where he also became Deputy Head of Primary followed by three years at Newton International Academy, Barwa City, Doha Qatar. 
In Qatar, Mr. Ian was a team manager for improvisation teams in the Destination Imagination competition.  The first year they were second in Qatar and for the next two years, his team was placed first in Qatar and attended the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He has followed on from this success to coach Destination Imagination at Regality Academy resulting in the first ever Indonesian Destination Imagination team attending the Global finals in Knoxville in 2018.  In 2019 and 2020 Mr. Ian's Regality Academy teams qualified yet again.  In 2019 they competed in the Global Finals, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, and in 2020 in the Virtual Global Finals due to COVID.  While learning online in 2020 - 2021 two Regality teams gained first place in the Regional Destination Imagination Competition.  Teams from Indonesia, Pakistan, UK, Malaysia, Egypt, and India. In 2023, Mr. Ian once again managed a team who after gaining first place in the regional online competition with Ukraine,  were invited to the Global Finals in Kansas City.  The team achieved the top score for their elementary improvisational team challenge and placed 8th overall in the world.
Mr. Ian is a fan of rugby, travelling, and hearing that magic “ohhhh, I get it” sound when children understand something. He is a Father of five sons and a grandfather to three grandsons.

2023 - 2024 will be Mr. Ian's 7th year working at Regality Academy.

Debora Sinulingga.jpg

National Principal and P6 National Teacher

Debora originates from Kabanjahe, a city in the volcanic Karo Highland, not far from Mount Sinabung and Lake Toba in North Sumatra. She graduated from Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) majoring in Industrial Engineering for her Bachelor’s degree. Debora continued her educational  journey by joining Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) which worked together with Tabor College (Australia). There she achieved her Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Debora has experience working at Telkomsel and started working in Education in 2010. She believes that being a teacher is her passion and her calling and that through teaching she can help the younger generations develop their life's foundation. Debora loves to learn and to share of what she has learned. Furthermore she likes to read and to solve Math problems. In order to find balance in life she also travels a lot.

Celeste Bronkhorst.png

Grade 7 Homeroom teacher.

English and IMYC teacher Junior High School.

Ms Celeste Bronkhorst

“Education must not simply teach work- it must teach life” W E B Du Bois.

This quote by W. E. Du Bois sums up Celeste’s approach to teaching in a nutshell. Celeste is passionate about educating the next generation of leaders in all areas of their school life.

Celeste has been teaching for 15 years and believes in a holistic education that will serve the children both in and out of the classroom.

After completing her Bachelor’s Degree at Rhodes University she continued her studies in the field of education, completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

Celeste enjoys tennis and is an avid thespian.

She is delighted to be a part of the team at Regality Academy and hopes to see the children flourish as they develop not only academically, but in all spheres of school life under her guidance.

Mr Suhandy.jpeg

Grade 7 Homeroom

Mr. Suhandy Manik Teacher:Mathematics, Bahasa Indonesia and Civics teacher Junior High School.

Mr. Suhandy (Mr Handy) was born in Silayur, a small village in North Sumatera, Indonesia. He graduated from Pelita Harapan University (UPH) in 2011 after studying a double degree; in Bachelor of Education from Pelita Harapan University and Bachelor of Science in Education from Corban College.  Mr. Suhandy has been teaching Mathematics  for more than 11 years. This year he has accepted the challenge of teaching Bahasa Indonesia and Civics also.  Besides teaching, Mr. Suhandy likes to travel and watch movies.  He is very much looking forward to working in Regality Academy Junior High School.

Andrew Lim RGA.jpg

Music Teacher

Andrew was born in Jakarta. He fell in love with music at 10 years of age. Andrew decided to pursue his passion for music and performing arts and gained his Bachelor's degree in Music and Performing Arts at the Institut Kesenian Jakarta.
Andrew has been performing, directing, composing, arranging, and teaching since 2003.  His coaching includes choir, vocal, drums guitar, and band but one day he hopes to be able to set up an orchestra.
He found his calling for teaching in 2012 and has been devoting his life to teaching ever since.
Other than Music, Andrew also has experience in theatre, acting, design, and arts & craft.
Andrew has heard great things about the Music programme and events at Regality Academy and he is looking forward to making more great Music with the Regality Academy students and their families.

Kana Fuddy.jpg

Artist and Art Educator

Kana , graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts, Yogyakarta. She is one of the Founding members and current directors of Ruang Garasi, Jakarta as a place for sharing Art and hobbies. Ms   exhibits actively around Indonesia  and internationally.  In 2009 she joined the festival of  fine art in Monastir, Tunisia, North Africa. 2015 with Imago Mundi and Luciano Benneton Foundation  had an exhibition of Indonesian artists archipelago in Milan Italia, 2018 a duo exhibition KaNA and Laila Tifah as ADU DOMBA#8, Sangkring Art Space, Ms KaNa had a short Residency at Nandur Srawung, a program from Taman Budaya Jogja support by the government of Jogjakarta.  Ms KaNa has also had a collaboration to  perform in a shadow batik with Dongaji Batik Studio, Sewon Bantul.  She also joined the Friendship exhibition with three nations; Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.  Ms KaNa joined  Urban Sketch, which is the first  festival of sketch in Indonesia at the National Gallery of Indonesia as an Invitation artist. She also joined the Friendship Japan and Indonesia exhibition with SSIA organization at 678 Gallery, Kemang Jakarta as well as the Friendship Bangladesh and Indonesia exhibition at Kersan Art Studio Jogjakarta. 
Prior to joining regality Academy, as well as exhibiting Ms KaNa had been doing art activities and also teaching fine arts privately and  volunteer teaching ceramics at Kandank Djurank Doank, along with giving training ceramics and batik workshops for kids and adults. Ms KaNa is now enjoying teaching Art at Regality Academy.

Marcelino Chandra.jpg

Physical Exercise Teacher

Marcelino is native to Jakarta and obtained his BA of Physical Education from the University State if Jakarta in 1994 and his Magister degree in Education Psychology from the University of Indonesia in 2000. Soon he will celebrate 25 years of relevant work experience as a PE teacher. He joined Royal Primary Academy in 2015.

Marcelino has also obtained certificates as a club coach for volleyball, basketball, swimming and aerobics. In his spare time Marcelino like to be involved in his church community and travel with his family.


Mandarin Teacher

Ms. Hera was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated with a diploma degree in Chinese Literature from the University of Indonesia in 2002, and in 2015 graduated also for the same major at the same campus. She is passionate about teaching Mandarin as a second language. She has been teaching Mandarin since 2003. Ms. Hera previously worked at Regality Academy in 2016 - 2018. In 2018 Ms. Hera won a scholarship to study for her Master's Degree in ChinaUpon completion of her master's Degree she returned to Jakarta and she is delighted to be back as part of the Regality Academy family.

Namora ICT.png

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Teacher

Bahasa Teacher Primary 4

Mr. M. P. Namora
Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Teacher

Namora was born in Jakarta. He is a  graduate with a Bachelor of Informatics Engineering from Gunadarma University on 2016.
He recently joined Regality Academy after teaching for 2 years in Kinderfield Primary School Sunter, North Jakarta.

He lives in Kelapa Gading with his sister.
In his spare time, Namora enjoys reading, cooking, and singing.

Namora is looking forward to making some awesome legacies in RGA.

Ms Nana 4x6.jpg

 Ms. Nana Chalid

Learning and English Support teacher

Ms Nana holds a bachelor's degree in English Education and Business administration. She is a licenced EFL teacher with extensive experience of more than 16 years in teaching at international schools in Jakarta. Currently, she is pursuing her master's degree in English education, furthering her expertise in the field. Throughout her career, Ms Nana has cultivated strong principles about teaching and learning. 

Having worked with EAL students, Miss Nana eagerly embraces the opportunity to teach students from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of English proficiency. She has worked with individuals of all ages, tailoring her approach to meet the individual needs of her students. She believes creating a positive and engaging classroom environment is crucial for fostering a love of learning in her students.

Ms. Nana is known for her passion for learning and strives to make her classroom a fun and engaging environment for her students. She firmly believes in the importance of using language actively to enhance the learning process. To that end, Ms. Nana also incorporates technology into her teaching methods, enriching her students' learning experiences. Beyond her professional life, Ms Nana enjoys various hobbies like watching movies, reading, travelling, and tea-blending, which she loves to share with her friends and family during her spare time.

Ms Nana is delighted to be a part of the team at the Regality Academy. She is committed to making a difference in the lives of her students at Regality Academy through her love of teaching and enthusiasm for learning.

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