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The Kuningan Place

Jalan Kuningan Utama Lot 15

Lumina Tower, 9th floor

12960 Jakarta, Indonesia

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Meet Our Teachers (2019-2020)

To promote excellence at RPA, we recruit only the very best practitioners who have a passion for their subject and the skills and talent to make a contribution to the life at school. Our teaching staff are highly qualified, professional, committed and dedicated. All our teachers have either a Bachelor or/and Master Degree in Education and a minimum of 5 years teaching experience, as is required by the Indonesian government for SPK schools. As a school we invest in the professional development of our staff to ensure we remain at the very forefront of the latest developments in education.

Ms. Uziel

Primary 1 International Homeroom Teacher

With a Bachelor's degree in Literature and is on her way into finishing her Master's degree in Special Education, Uziel has pursued a career in Education. She has been working as an educator for 17 years - as a teacher trainer, inclusive education specialist, homeroom teacher, university lecturer, early childhood teacher, and an ESL teacher. Before she ventured out into international teaching, Uziel was an ESL teacher for Korean students of different age levels, an early childhood teacher, and university lecturer in a State University in the Philippines. These experiences has sharpened her teaching skills and has made her equipped for further work in education. Uziel worked in Ethiopia as an In-service Teacher Trainer and Inclusive Education Adviser in a College of Teacher Education. She worked closely with the primary teachers, mentoring and training them as part of their CPD as well as introducing to them the idea and strategies of practicing inclusive education. Having an experience with the primary teacher, after finishing her contract in Ethiopia, she got a teaching job in Khartoum, Sudan. There, she worked as P1 teacher in Unity High School, an international school following the British and Cambridge Curriculum. After finishing her contract with a one year extension, Uziel moved to another country, Zambia, where she became a teacher of English and Literature in Banani International School. Banani is a boarding school for girls that follows the Cambridge Curriculum. During her time there, she has successfully helped in raising the IGCSE results of their students in English (First Language) and Literature to a 95-100% passing score. After a cumulative of five years being a classroom teacher, Uziel got back to teacher training and once again got herself a job in a College of Teacher Education in Ethiopia as an Inclusive Education Specialist. Now, Uziel is looking forward to get back to classroom teaching again. She is excited to be teaching P1 again in Regality. 

Ms. Kelsey Williams

Primary 2 International Homeroom Teacher

Kelsey was born and raised in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa.  She studied her Bachelors of Education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.  After graduating, Kelsey moved to London where she taught Year 3 at Haberdashers Askes’ Academy for a year.  On her return to Cape Town, Kelsey furthered her studies by completing her Honours Degree at the University of Cape Town, whilst simultaneously teaching Year 5 at Cannons Creek Independent School. She had been teaching Year 5 for the last four years.

Kelsey loves teaching in such a diverse and internationally minded school and has learnt so much from the children and staff at Royal Primary Academy. Kelsey and her husband enjoy living in the vibrant city of Jakarta and love travelling to experience the many beautiful natural wonders Indonesia has to offer.

Ms. Louise Hanbridge

Primary 3 International Homeroom Teacher

Louise is from Wicklow where she grew up on a farm in the countryside in Ireland. While in secondary school she was on the debate team and played basketball. 

After school Louise moved to Dublin where she completed a Bachelor of Education in Trinity College Dublin. In 2015 Louise graduated with a B.Ed Honors degree. 

While studying Louise completed training in the Incredible Years behavior management program and has completed many certificates since, in the areas of inclusive education, literacy and numeracy and more. During college Louise was the Student Union President where she advocated for student rights and supports. 

Once qualified Louise began teaching in a a large urban school in Dublin. She had worked here for five years in First Class, on the Special Education Team and in Fifth Class. Louise believes in positive reinforcement in the classroom and an integrated and active approach to learning. During summer, Louise has worked as a tutor on the July Provision program which extends the school year for children with ASD. She has also volunteered as a teacher and in staff training in the townships of Khayelitsha, Cape Town. 

Louise is a fluent in English and Gaeilge. In her free time she enjoys reading, painting, spending time with friends and travel. 

Louise is very excited to experience living and working in such a scenic and multicultural part of the world. She can’t wait to meet all the children, staff and families. 

Ms. Jenny Fe P. Arnaiz

Primary 4 International Homeroom Teacher

The P4 International Homeroom Teacher is Ms. Jenny Fe P. Arnaiz. She has a bachelors degree in Education and is a licensed teacher. Over the last 12 years, She has worked as an English teacher in International British Curriculum Schools in Sudan. She has also held positions of responsibility; Phase Leader and Curriculum Development Leader. Jenny plans and prepares educational activities and lessons that engages her students to learn. She uses different methods and means of presenting information in her lessons to ensure a positive and fun learning atmosphere for her students. She has developed a heartfelt love for teaching and believes that with innovative teaching, She makes a meaningful contribution to the student's lives. As a teacher she is challenged to think strategically and it has developed her patience,sense of responsibility and perseverance.

Jenny Fe believes that teaching, though demanding as it can be, is a rewarding career. Teaching is her passion so during her free time, she volunteered to work with the Fransiscan Missionaries and taught children for free in the outskirts of Khartoum but it ended right after the independence of South Sudan. She has touched many lives in Sudan as she taught not only at school but as a private teacher. Jenny became a friend and a mother for some children who lost their Mother's at a very early age.

Jenny Fe is the youngest among four siblings in her family. She has an older sister and two brothers. Her life is truly interesting because she is sole survivor of triplets.

For fun, Ms Jenny loves to spend quality time with her family and friends, whether having a meal with family and watching a movie or enjoying a day shopping. She really enjoys reading a good book, karaoke, bowling and playing volleyball.

Jenny is delighted to be a teacher at Royal Primary Academy. This school has a wonderful atmosphere and the children are so keen to learn.

Ms. Joanne

Primary 5 International Homeroom Teacher

Coming from Perth in Western Australia, Joanne holds a Bachelor of Arts, A Bachelor of Education and a Master of Arts degree. She has 15 years of teaching experience in Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia and 12 years of experience managing education/community development projects in Indonesia. Last year, Joanne was an Advisor to the Ministry of Education in Timor Leste.


In addition to these formal qualifications and experiences, Joanne has a keen interest in teaching children with learning difficulties and is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Education/Learning Difficulties from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia. Joanne firmly believes in establishing an inclusive environment where everyone is valued for their own special contribution to the class, school and community.


Joanne enjoys diving, walking/hiking and travelling through Indonesia. Although she has lived in Indonesia for 18 years, Joanne has yet to grow tired of exploring this amazing country. So much so, that earlier in the year Joanne, along with a group of like-minded educators, founded a non-profit organization that trains young people to transform their villages into sustainable tourism villages. It is from these 27 years of experience in the area of teaching and learning that Joanne hopes to motivate the children she teaches. Joanne is also mother to Nina (18) & Owen (13).

Mr. Ian Gibson

Primary 6 International Homeroom Teacher

Ian was born in a small rural community in New Zealand.  After leaving school he initially studied Farm Business Management and became operator and Director of a dairy farming company.  During this time, he also participated in a variety of outdoor pursuits and became a Tutor for caving, rock climbing, and survival skills after becoming qualified in Outdoor Instruction. He tutored both school students and adults.  Ian also trained as an ambulance officer. Rugby coaching to a high level was another successful pursuit. 


Ian realised that working with students was an area that would contribute the most to society and subsequently gained a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Since then he has taught in New Zealand, Unity High School; a British International School in Khartoum, Sudan where he also became Deputy Head of Primary and for the past three years at Newton International Academy, Barwa City, Doha Qatar. 


In Qatar was a team manager for improvisation teams in the Destination Imagination competition.  The first year they were second in Qatar and for the next two years his team was placed first in Qatar and attended the Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee.  He has followed on from this success to coach Destination Imagination at Royal Primary Academy resulting in the first ever Indonesian Destination Imagination team attending the Global finals in Knoxville in 2018.  In 2019 Mr Ian's Royal Primary Academy team have qualified yet again and will compete in the Global Finals, this time being held in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


Mr Ian is a fan of rugby, travelling and hearing that magic “ohhhh, I get it” sound when children understand something. He is a Father of five sons and a grandfather to three grandsons.

Mr. Mario Sipayung

Music Teacher

Mario originates from North Sumatra, Indonesia and holds a Bachelor degree of Music Education from Universitas Negeri Jakarta. He has over 12 years of professional musical experience as a music educator, performer, recording musician, conductor, author and composer/arranger.

Mario started his teaching career in RPA since 2012, when the school first started. He teaches the music courses, directs all the school bands, ensembles and the school choir. Furthermore Mario directs various music performances in different school events such as: Music Assembly, National Flag Raising, International Day, Marketing Events, etc. In his spare time he likes to play football and spend time with his family.

Mr. Adek Marhaenika

Art Teacher

Adek is from Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from the National University of Jakarta with a Bachelor of Arts education. He has worked at RPA as an Art teacher since 2014. Prior to this, he worked as an art teacher at a middle school in West Jakarta. Adek's artwork has been awarded many prizes, including 1st place in the 3C New Artist Project Art Exhibition from Korean Cultural Center Indonesia. His interests include swimming, music (trumpet), movies, travelling and being involved in cultural activities.

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Mr. Eko Sutrisno

Primary 1 National Homeroom Teacher

Eko was born in Depok and spent his childhood and teenage years there. After he got married he moved to BSD, Tangerang. He graduated from the University of Indraprasta, Jakarta with a Bachelor's degree in English and Education.  In the past he has worked for 5 years at the British International School and 7 years at Mentari School Jakarta. This is his 3rd year teaching in Royal Primary Academy.


When he is not teaching, Eko loves to spend time with his family, engage in sports activities, write songs on his guitar and collect records.

Ms. Venny Yulianti

Primary 2 National Homeroom Teacher

Venny was  born in South Jakarta, Indonesia. She graduated from Pelita Harapan University and graduated in 2012 after studying a double degree in Bachelor of Education from Pelita Harapan University and Bachelor of Science in Education from Corban College.


When it comes to her teaching experience, she worked in South Sulawesi for 2 years as a Primary Homeroom teacher for Year 3. After that she taught for 2 years in Bali as a Primary Homeroom teacher for Year 1. During her spare time, she likes reading, travelling and any outdoors activity like hiking or visit the beaches.

Mr. Stefanus Gunawan

Primary 3 National Homeroom Teacher

Stefanus ("Wawan") was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from Pelita Harapan University in 2011 after studying a double degree; in Bachelor of Education from Pelita Harapan University and Bachelor of Science in Education from Corban College. He has been trained to teach both the IB Curriculum and the Indonesian National Curriculum. Since graduating, he has had the opportunity to teach the upper grades in a national plus school in Makassar for five years. After that he taught for one year at Lippo Village, Karawaci using an integrated curriculum – both IB and national curriculum.


Wawan always wants to improve himself by learning new skills that support him as a teacher. He studied graphology, mentored by Valencia Penny Dip. CSG and got his certificate from Grafindo Prima Utama in 2017. In his spare time, Wawan enjoys reading, going to the cinema, swimming, and travelling. He loves to visit beaches and spend time on the sea where he can really feel exposed to the elements and at one with nature.

Ms. Flora Salvanti Nanda

Primary 4 National Homeroom Teacher

Ms. Flora (Ola Kusnendar) was born in Jakarta and spent her childhood and teenage years there. She is married. She graduated from STBA Nusa Mandiri, Jakarta with a Bachelor's degree in English. In the past she has worked for 2 years at Kinderfield, a year at TKK3 Penabur and 2 years at Morning Star Academy Jakarta. Ms. Ola joined Regality Academy as Primary 4 teacher, Term 2 in 2019-2020.​

When she is not teaching, Ms. Ola loves to spend time with her family, to read some books or go for mountain hiking.

Ms. Poppy Ardhyani

Primary 5 National Homeroom Teacher

Poppy is from a small cold town near Malang, East Java, Indonesia. She has a BA degree in Architectural Engineering from Merdeka University, Malang, since 1999. She was a site engineer for a housing development company in Malang before moving to teaching. Her love for teaching started while she was working as private mathematics tutor in her spare time. After teaching for 7 years in various National Plus schools that implemented international curriculums (Singaporean Curriculum and PYP – IB Curriculum), she took an educational master in 2010 and obtained the master degree of Instructional Design at Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta, in 2012.

This is her 6th year teaching at RPA. She has taught in P3, in P5 for 3 years, and in P6 for 1 year. In P6 she successfully prepared the national students for the Standardized National Examinations.  When Poppy's not teaching, she loves to watch Korean movies, read novels, be a cultural brewer (kefir milk and kombucha) and a soap artisan. She runs a small business and is always excited to learn something new.

Ms Poppy is an enthusiastic environmentalist and leads our trashbank, gardening and compositing initiatives.

Ms. Debora Sinulingga

Primary 6 National Homeroom Teacher

Debora originates from Kabanjahe, a city in the volcanic Karo Highland, not far from Mount Sinabung and Lake Toba in North Sumatra. She graduated from Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) majoring in Industrial Engineering for her Bachelor’s degree. Debora continued her educational  journey by joining Universitas Pelita Harapan (UPH) which worked together with Tabor College (Australia). There she achieved her Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Debora has experience working at Telkomsel and started working in Education in 2010. She believes that being a teacher is her passion and her calling and that through teaching she can help the younger generations develop their life's foundation. Debora loves to learn and to share of what she has learned. Furthermore she likes to read and to solve Math problems. In order to find balance in life she also travels a lot.

Mr. Zhang Zi Qian ( Mr Paul)

Mandarin Teacher

Mr Zhang Zi Qian (Mr Paul) comes from HE BEI province in China.  Whilst at university, his major was Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. After graduation, he become a Mandarin teacher and taught in an international school in Indonesia for 7 years. he stated that ; "Teaching in Indonesia really brings a lot of things to me, I not only accumulate the teaching experiences , but also learn how to work with a team".


After he finished his contract in Indonesia, he decided to continue his teaching career in Thailand. So he secured a position teaching Mandarin in an international school in Bangkok. 


Mr Zhang Zi Qian (Mr Paul)  likes to explore new things in his spare time, so he has travelled a lot in Indonesia and Thailand. During the travelling time, he has learned so many new things about different cultures and different customs. Mr Zhang Zi Qian (Mr Paul) found he missed life in Indonesia, so now he will continue his teaching career at Royal Primary Academy. He hopes that he can help more students to improve their Mandarin, and become a helpful member of the Royal Primary Academy family as well. 

Mr. Marcelino Chandra

Physical Education Teacher

Marcelino is native to Jakarta and obtained his BA of Physical Education from the University State if Jakarta in 1994 and his Magister degree in Education Psychology from the University of Indonesia in 2000. Soon he will celebrate 25 years of relevant work experience as a PE teacher. He joined Royal Primary Academy in 2015.

Marcelino has also obtained certificates as a club coach for volleyball, basketball, swimming and aerobics. In his spare time Marcelino like to be involved in his church community and travel with his family.

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