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We are currently seeking an innovative and qualified Mathematics Teacher for Junior High School, Grade 7, to join our Education Team.  You will be a hardworking and enthusiastic teaching professional with excellent subject knowledge and sound understanding of either the MYP IB or IMYC and the UK Curriculum.

The 7th grade math teacher is responsible for the math instruction, curriculum development in the area of mathematics, and extended classroom activities associated with mathematics in grade 7 along with Bahasa Indonesia and Civics while we open grade 8 and 9.  Once grades 8 and 9 are open the candidate will teach Mathematics across grade 7, 8, 9 eventually 10.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in education with a specification in Mathematics, or equivalent.

  2. Proven experience as a Junior High School Math Teacher

  3. A thorough understanding of best practices in teaching

  4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

  5. Organized, flexible disposition

  6. Outstanding interpersonal skills



  1. Demonstrates thoughtful planning and preparation for learning with clear objectives,

  2. Exhibits effective delivery of instruction that ensures learning is rigorous.

  3. Promotes a collaborative, inclusive, and supportive learning environment

  4. Analyses and appropriately utilizes assessments to guide teaching and learning, while providing feedback to students and parents.

  5. Models professional standards and ethics

  6. Exemplifies the importance of synergy through effective teamwork and cooperation.

  7. Establishes and maintains effective relationships with families and the greater community focused on the learning and well-being of students.

  8. Demonstrate a commitment to developing and promoting international mindedness.

  9. Demonstrate commitments to ongoing professional learning and development in personal professional practice.

  10. Positive classroom management strategies.



Sekolah Royal Tunas Mulia (Regality Academy) is an independent school in the business district of South Jakarta.   It is an educational institution under Yayasan Tunas Mulia Adi Perkasa which comprises Preschool, Primary school and soon Junior High School will be opened in July 2023.

The Junior High will utilize the IMYC which is a thematic, inquire-based integrated curriculum, UK curriculum for English and Mathematics and also the Indonesian curriculum.


Interested applicants should submit via email a letter of interest, current resume, list of references to

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