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Regality Academy is conveniently located in the heart of the Indonesian capital, in close proximity to the central business district and many shopping malls. Kuningan is one of Jakarta's more upscale areas and home to a large international expat community.

The school's facilities are spread over 4 purpose-built floors of the Kuningan Place apartment. Furthermore, RGA can also make use of multiple of the apartment's facilities such as a 30-metre swimming pool, gym, dance hall, restaurant and lobby.

Preschol RGA_4098_8_11zon.jpg


Each classroom at Regality Academy is highly spacious and allows for ample movement. The average classroom has an area of around 85 m² excluding storage space. This allows the students to work comfortably in different spaces of the classroom on their respective projects.


The library is the favourite space of many students for obvious reasons. There is a pletora of books to discovers, ample reading space, cosy chairs and sofas to relax in, lots of board games to play, an e-learning center and much more.

Gymnasium RPA_3252 []_4_11zon.jpg


The spacious gym is located at the top floor of the building. It is well equiped for the students to play various sports such as soccer, basketball, badminton, hockey, tennis and much more. Furthermore there are also stands for the audience to support their favourite team and a great view over the neighbouring Business District.


Regality Academy has a mini-auditorium which we use for our weekly Friday assembly in which students showcase their learning.

For larger events, such as our graduation ceremony, we make use of the larger Eagle Auditorium, in the Kuningan Place building.


While each class has laptops/desktops and/or ipads in the classroom at all times, teachers can also make use of the ICT room where all students can use a laptop simultaneously. The weekly ICT class and ICT related enrichment activities are also held in this classroom.


This is where our students follow the weekly art course and where art enrichment takes place. A lot of student art is on display here, but also in our corridors.

Swimming RPA_4834_10_11zon.jpg


Our students can also make use of the swimming pools in the Kuningan Place building. We organize swimming enrichment at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. For a few weeks each school year, the Physical Education courses are also dedicated to swimming.


Students who like to dance will feel right at home in the dance studio, where dance enrichment activities are being held regularly.


We hope you don't need to spend a lot of time here. But if you do, our professional nurse will surround you with the best care and teach you a thing or two about your body in the process.


The Music Room is were the music class takes place, twice a week for every class. However, often the course is being held in the mini-auditorium as well to practice on the stage for a performance. Music enrichment classes usually take place in the Music Romm as well.

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