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Principal's Welcome
 by Ms. Shelley Gibson

Principal's Welcome Text

Welcome to Regality Academy!

Regality Academy is a prestigious International School located in South-Central Jakarta.  The quality of education determines the destiny of our children. We aim for continuous improvement for all students towards achieving excellence in their education. Our learning community totals approximately 110 students represented by 18 nationalities.  We feel this mix of nationalities and cultures provides the foundation for internationally minded students, which is essential to fulfilling our vision as a school. Regality Academy offers a unique environment that enables your child to develop and grow into a confident, well-rounded, global citizen.  Our school offers education to students from Kindergarten 1 to Junior High school. We aim to offer IGCSE in Grade 9/Year 10 and Grade 10/Year 11 in the near future.  After this students will be offered the 2 year gold standard A level programme. 

Our vision is further supported by our internationally diverse teaching team, as well as our curriculum, the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) Ns International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC in our Junior High School).  The IPC can be found in over 1,800 schools in over 90 countries around the world.  Using the IPC, we aim to fulfil our mission of equipping our students with 21st century skills to prepare them for the challenges of the rapidly changing world.

At Regality Academy, as a part of our philosophy of learning, we believe that each learner is unique.  We seek to actively engage our learners in rigorous learning experiences that challenge them at their development levels, focusing on fundamental knowledge and skills, as well as pushing our students to adapt, collaborate, and innovate. 

We believe in a holistic approach to education, meaning that as a school, we aim to develop the whole child, not simply focusing on core academic subjects.  In addition, every student at Regality Academy has classes in Music, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Art, Mandarin, and Physical Education each week.  Students also attend a variety of Enrichment Activities, after school, to ensure a range of learning opportunities for our students. Each student is treated as an individual with huge potential. We intentionally cultivate the character of our students through the IPC Personal Goals, as well as leadership skills, through our implementation of The Leader In Me program.

Our Schoolwide Learner Outcomes epitomize what outcomes we aim for our leaders to have when they move on from Regality Academy.

These include a strong element of building character and Global Competencies ;

Globally Competent Youth Will…

1.Investigate the world beyond their immediate environment by examining issues of local, global and cultural importance.

2  Recognise, understand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others.

3.  Communicate ideas effectively with diverse audiences by engaging in open, appropriate and effective interactions across cultures and;

4. Take action for collective well-being and sustainable development both locally and globally.

To find out about what has been happening in and around our school, please take a look at our news section and school blog.

If you would like any additional information, or to arrange a visit, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to sharing our wonderful school with you.

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