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On multiple occasions throughout the year we organize events for our students to showcase what they have learned, to further develop their presentation skills or to simply celebrate a day together with their family and the school community. We organize a variety of different events such as International Day, Sports Day, Independence Day, Graduation Day, IPC Learning Celebration, Chinese New Year, and many more. Some of these events are organized each year, while others events might only be organized once or every other year. Below you'll find an overview of events that we have organized in the past and of all of the upcoming events that have been scheduled (Work in progress).

International Day

On International Day our various international school communities celebrate their own national cultural. Students dress up in their native clothes and present a song, a dance or a piece of art from their country, which they have prepared with their parents. To conlude the event we enjoy the food from many different countries all over the world.

IPC Learning Celebration

This is an event which has been organized multiple times now at the end of a term. During an IPC Learning Celebration students will present in their class what they have been learning in IPC during the term. Parents can visit multiple classes to experience the learning that took place in these classes.

Sports Day

On Sports Day the students have the opportunity to participate in multiple physical games in a relaxing and fun atmosphere together with their friends and parents. The students all belong to either the Yellow Hawks, the Red Falcons or the Blue Eagles. While participating in the games they can earn points for their team/house. Mostly Sports Day takes place on location and is being followed by a potluck event in which the students and the parents can enjoy the food prepared by the community.

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