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Regality Academy ( Kindergarten ) Our Teachers

Anggraeni Suryana [K2] Jun'22 OK.jpg

 Ms Anggreani (Ms Reni) fell in love with the early childhood education world when she became a kindergarten teacher for the first time in 2013. In 2017, she decided to study for her Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education at Monash University, Australia. Ms Reni believes that every child has the right to access education, regardless of their background. She believes each child is unique and teachers are responsible for supporting every student with the best learning experiences.

Vienna S Yanthy Jul'23 OK.jpg

Ms Triana (Ms Ana) has been working at Regality Academy since our preschool opened in 2019. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in teaching, majoring in Guidance and Counseling from the Faculty of Teacher Training, S1  Universitas Kristen Indonesia,  Jakarta, 2013.

Ms Triana loves to see her students enjoy their learning.  Ms Ana works with students in K1 and K2.

Ms Vienna (Ms Yanthy) graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language. She started working as a Kindergarten Teacher in 2009. Since that day, she has thoroughly enjoyed teaching Kindergarten Students.  So much so she continued her studies and went on to complete her Master Degree in Early Childhood Education from Universitas Pelita Harapan. She believes in developing the whole child, helping them to not only do well academically but also to develop their character.

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