Regality Academy ( Preschool ) Our Teachers

Anggraeni Suryana [K2] Jun'22 OK.jpg

 Ms Anggreani ( Ms Reni) fell in love with the early childhood education world when she became a kindergarten teacher for the first time in 2013. In 2017, she decided to take a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education course at Monash University, Australia. Ms Reni believes that every child has a right to access education regardless of their background. She believes each child is unique and teachers are responsible for supporting every student with the best learning experiences.

Ms Triana (Ms Ana) graduated with a bachelor's degree in teaching majoring in Guidance and Counseling from the Faculty of Teacher Training, S1  Universitas Kristen Indonesia,  Jakarta, 2013.

Ms Triana loves to see her students enjoy their learning.  Ms Ana works with students in K1 and K2.

Celerina A Suminar OK.jpg

Ms Celerina Asri (Ms Asri) is our Preschool Principal.  Ms Asri teaches the K1 class.  

She has a Master's degree in Teaching and Education from Universitas Sebelas Maret UNS Surakarta. 

Prior to being Preschool Principal at Regality, she was Head of Education at Tunas Mulia Adi Perkasa Koko Foundation. Ms Asri believes it takes a village to raise a child and Regality Academy is a perfect "village" for our children to be nurtured to learn and to grow.

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