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Dear Parents,



Welcome to Regality Academy.



Regality Academy in South Jakarta provides an international standard of education through the application  of  the  innovative  International  Primary  Curriculum  supported  by  the  highly  regarded National Curriculum of England for English and the well renown Singapore Mathematics Curriculum. While  complying  with  the  regulations  of  SPK  (formally  known  as  National  Plus  Schools).   Students enrolled  at  RGA  are  extremely  well  equipped  with  the  tools  necessary  to  continue  their  learning nationally and internationally.

                 Students at Regality Academy are encouraged to strive for excellence, both in the work they do in the classroom and the behaviour choices they make. The school staff are committed to providing an excellent learning environment that will enable all students to learn, grow and excel.

There will be many opportunities for students to learn, make friends, and become involved in a variety of school activities and educational trips. By the time our students graduate in P6 our aim is for them to  be  a  learner,  a  leader,  respectful  and  responsible.    The  eight  personal  learning  goals  in  the International Primary Curriculum, the leader in me and our positive behaviour for learning approach are the tools they will use to accomplish this.



We are delighted to be taking a lead role in your child/children’s educational journey.  We endeavour to work closely and collaboratively with you as parents to ensure that we can enable each student to achieve  their  potential  and  develop  their  leadership  skills.   In  doing  so  we  know  that  our  learning community will grow even stronger with your involvement and support.



I  am very  honoured to be the Principal of Regality Academy and know  that  our students are proud to attend our “global community of  learners.” Together we will  ensure “great  things  happen here.”


Yours sincerely,



Mrs Shelley Gibson (Med hons)

Principal Regality Academy

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