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Regality Academy Vision & Mission

The Vision

To  empower  an  internationally  minded  learning  community  that  unleashes  leadership  potential, embrace timeless principles, and promotes academic excellence, to face the challenges of the rapidly changing world.


The Mission

Regality Academy inspires a passion for learning, encourages opportunities for leadership and equips  students  with  21st   century  skill  by  engaging  them  in  a  balanced,  international  standard curriculum while working in partnership with families.


● Primary School Principal – Mrs Shelley Gibson

● National School Principal – Ms. Debora Sinulingga


Office Hours - Monday - Friday (during Term) 7.30am – 5.00 pm


·   Phone 021-22083160

Transport  and School Store (uniform and stationery)  - contact; Ms Henny

Email Phone 87888009520


Mrs Shelley Gibson (MEd hons)

Preferred contact

Phone 081517294488

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