The Big Idea

Our brain is special because it does lots of amazing things. Once we understand how our brain works and what we can do to make it work even better, then we can improve the way that we learn.

Who Am I ?

The Big Idea

By learning about ourselves and each other, we are able to celebrate our differences whilst also seeing all the things that we have in common. We are all individuals, but together we make up a wider community - one that should support and respect one another.

The Stories People Tell

The Big Idea

Many of the stories that we enjoy today are influenced by the stories that have been passed down through the ages. By studying older stories, such as myths and legends, we can become storytellers too, writing and performing our own stories to entertain people today.

Green Fingers

The Big Idea

Plants are living things – they grow when we give them enough sunlight, food and water. Plants give us food to eat, clean air to breathe and materials to build our houses and furniture. We can use plants to make clothes and medicines, and to decorate our gardens.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to find out how to look after plants. We will even be growing our own plants for a Flower Show at our school!


The Big Idea

There are structures around us all the time, some of which we barely notice. What are they made from? What is their purpose? What do you notice about their shapes? What can be done to make them stronger? Through this unit you will become builders and discover the secrets to holding up bridges and skyscrapers.

Freeze it

The Big Idea

We are going to investigate the science of freezing to make our own ice lollies and ice desserts. By doing this, we will learn all about solids and liquids and how a liquid can be cooled to make a solid and how a solid can be heated to make a liquid!

The Earth Our Home

The Big Idea

All living things – plants, animals and people – have a home or somewhere to live that we call a ‘habitat’. A habitat can be huge like the ocean or small like a leaf. A habitat could be a forest on the other side of the world or it could be a tree in our local area. Do you know any habitats?

Look and Listen

The Big Idea

Have you ever wondered how you can hear and how you can see? You can hear a dog barking and you can see it wag its tail. You can hear me talking and you can see me smiling at you. What makes hearing and seeing possible? Let’s find out!

Recap of Brainwave

The Big Idea

Every day we are learning lots of new and different things – gaining the knowledge, skills and understanding that we will need to become successful adults. By finding out more about how we learn, and how we can improve our learning, we will be better equipped for meeting the many challenges ahead of us.

Transport A to B

The Big Idea

Every day people all over the world make different types of journeys – on land, on sea and in the air. To make these journeys we have invented lots of different ways of getting from A to B. 

Time Detectives

The Big Idea

Would you like to be a detective? A time detective who goes in search of evidence from the past? Evidence that tells you where people lived, what people did and what happened to them? Detectives need clues – our clues are going to be old objects and treasures from the past.

Push Me, Pull You

The Big Idea

Every move we make is a result of a force. We can call these forces ‘pushes’ or ‘pulls’. You can pull yourself up from your seat and you can push yourself down again. You can make lots of other push and pull movements. Let’s find out about them.

What is it made of

The Big Idea

Everything we touch is made up of a material: wood, plastic, fabric, glass, gold, steel, etc. We use different materials to make different objects. Why? We are going to find out!

Flowers and Insects

The Big Idea

Have you seen any flowers today? Where did you see them? Have you seen any insects? Where did you see them? Flowers and insects need each other. Without insects there would be no flowers. And without flowers insects would go hungry.

Treasure Island

The Big Idea

Since people first sailed on the oceans, there have been pirates, who have been both fascinating and feared in equal measure. Your class will find out who these people were, and how they lived and travelled. Ahoy mateys! Let's explore the globe like pirates! 

Water World

The Big Idea

Water is important to all living livings – without water there would be no life on Earth. We use water every day. We depend on water to stay clean and healthy, just like the many plants and animals we share our world with. Not everyone in the world has clean, fresh water – but we can help to change that, because water is for everyone.

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