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110th year of The Indonesian Awakening Day

Today we are celebrating the 110th year of the Indonesian Awakening Day.

This is the day in which the people of Indonesia in the 20th century, still under the increasing control of the Dutch colony, from many parts of the archipelago FIRST began developing a NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS as "INDONESIANS".

These profound changes amongst the indigenous Indonesian population are often referred to as the "Indonesian National Revival".

There were increased political activism and culminated in Indonesian Nationalist's proclaiming independence on 17 August 1945.

Several factors gave rise to a nationalist consciousness: The indigenous print media, urbanization, Islam religion, education, the keroncong musical entertainment and most of all the SUFFERING under the Dutch colonization supremacy.

Indigenous voices were suppresed by the Dutch, who dissalowed freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, and extensively spies on dissident organizations. The modern movement against colonial rule was maintained by the passion and commitment of a few remarkable men and women.