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Empowering Resilience with RPA Camping 2019

On the 2nd and 3rd of May primary classes 4,5 and 6 went camping at Mandalawangi, Wisata, Cibodas. Although the bus trip was 'looong,' the time at camp was awesome fun. We played team building games, went on the flying fox, had a camp fire, marsh mellows and songs before retiring to bed in our tents. This time we had a quiet night and slept as well as we could (unlike the dramatic lightening storm we had last year!).

Mr Marcelino had us up early exercising ready for our 3 hour hike to the waterfalls and back. It was quite a long way but worth the effort. Everybody managed to make it to the waterfalls. We saw monkeys, birds and enjoyed the lush forest on the trip. At the waterfall we had a refreshing dip and hiked back again. We bonded more with our friends and learned to persevere (on the hike in particular!) We wish the traffic had been kinder to us on the journey there and back, but all in all we had a fabulous time - oh and the food was really good too!

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