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Regality Academy Representing Indonesia at the destination Imagination Global Finals again!

This year two teams from Regality Academy (previously known as Royal Primary Academy) were placed 1st in their category in the Indonesian Destination Imagination National Competition in March 2019. Having qualified they were offered a coveted spot in the Global Finals in Kansas City Missouri, USA.

The two categories the Regality Academy students competed in at the Global Finals are; Engineering and Improvisational. The Engineering Challenge asks students to design, build, and testload-bearing structures created from specific materials. The team “Nototious Nocturnals”consists of BamBam (Sasipith), Alessandro, Hidemichi, Heidi, Marchyie, Nadya and Aaditya and is Managed by Mr Kristo Pienaar.

The second Regality Academy team “Dream Seekers “ have qualified in the Improvisational Challenge.IMPROVISATIONAL The Improvisational Challenge is all about research, spontaneity, and storytelling. Teams receive topics and produce skits right on the spot. This is the second year for the dream Seekers to have made it to Global Finals. Last year the Global Finals were in Knoxville, Tennessee, America where the Dreamseekers were placed 25th in the world in their category, which is a great achievement. The team consists of Su Danni, Reilly, Kezia, ,Ayska and Queentin and new team member , Tricia. The Dreamseekers team is managed by Mr Ian Gibson. It truly was an amazing experience.

What some of the team members said about Destination Imagination: Aaditya: Working for Destination Imagination taught me to put the 7 effective habits into practice.I had lot fun working as team, discussing and shaping our ideas put together.I will remember DI as amazing journey in my life.

Ayska: DI is actually a really fun thing to do. It is not only fun , you learn a lot of things from it. For me , DI is one of the best experiences in Regality Academy and in my life. In DI you don’t only learn to be creative, we also learn how to cooperate with each other and agree with each other . We don’t say no ..... we say ‘ yes .... and ...... ‘. In Instant challenge we learn that the design doesn’t matter, if it is crumpled or worse but it still works it doesn’t mean it is bad. Now, improv . I love improv the most, because we act, whatever happens we just try to connect it to the story, and it actually ends up really really ( infinity times) fun !!!! DI is amazing! DESTINATION IMAGINATION RULES !!!!!!

Queentin: DI is really a lot of fun because we build our creativity and learn how to work as a team. It also builds confidence a lot, before joining DI I was a very shy person, even though i knew i could act, but after joining DI things change a lot, it made me develop my confidence. DI was one of the best experiences in Regality Academy. It actually taught me a lot about how to cooperate with my team. In teamwork and ideas, when we don't have good ideas they wouldn't shout as us and say no! they would add ideas to our ideas and make it better. I LOVE THE FUN IN DREAM SEEKERS!!

Tricia:I think DI is very fun because we get to do a lot of creative things together, I also learn how to work together as a team. My favorite part of DI is the instant challenge, because I can learn to cooperate and also express my idea to complete the challenge. I really love DI very much

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