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Charity Drive for the citizens of Garut

Well, the RPA Community Outreach team is off and running. With an incredible start, the passion has been instilled and growing as the idea of helping others is blossoming. We would like to thank everyone for their generous donations to help the citizen of Garut to have a little bit less to worry about. As Sekolah Relawan came to collect all of the donations, they were surprised and very happy about the amount we had collected.

Our collected donations included, but not limited to: clothes for all ages, baby formula, diapers, women’s pads, rice, cereal, water, soap, candles, backpacks, baby soap/shampoo, instant noodles, books, school supplies, milk, oil, and much more. Thanks everyone for all of your donations and opening your hearts to the needy. Your generosity has not only touched the lives of the less fortunate but has also touched and inspired the children of this school. Some of the reflections on behalf of the students are as follows: “It’s good to help because if you help God will be happy and you will also will be happy." “I will love to help people who need help because you have to help people sometimes because it makes people happy and not sad." "Sometimes people lose their stuff and have nothing left."

We would also like to thank Alfred and Agil from Sekolah Relawan for taking the time to talk with the students about their organization and why it is important to help those less fortunate. We are looking forward to future outreach opportunities with such an amazing involvement from our school family.

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