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P4 Field Trip To BMKG written by Su Danni from grade 4

On 22 September 2016 8:00 the P4 students and teachers visited BMKG in Kemayoran for the IPC topic 'Active Planet' using two school cars. In the school car we played 'Coconut, coconut, coconut, crash!' and 'Can You Say Uhhh?', a game we learned in class. We saw the other school bus beside us, so we pretended to race against them and we won!!

When we arrived, we met Ms. Ririn. She took us to a meeting room and explained to us how natural disasters are formed. We all listened with our ears open and tried to answer as many questions as we could, so that we can try the earthquake simulator. After the explanation, Ms. Ririn took us to the earthquake simulator. We all wanted to try it, so Mr. Stefaan used an application on his phone to randomly choose groups of three students. When I got in the simulator it started with a little bit of shaking. Then it began to move harder. I felt excited and a little bit scared, but I still enjoyed it.